About Bacco's

Bacco's Made in Jamaica

The company project was born from the vision of Flavio Bacchetta, italian photo-journalist, who does reportage along the American continent since 1990.

During one of his work travels, he decided to stop in Jamaica, founding in 1996 "Jamaica No Problem Postcards" a small company focused on the production of postcards, with the final purpose to supply all-inclusive top resorts and the various gift shops scattered along Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios shopping centres, as well as airports and the government shops.

Soon his pictures became very popular, due to their quality and the subjects chosen, as sea sceneries, rasta people, and young models.

The sales made the author well known in the market, also in the nearest islands. Almost every tourist resort was exposing his postcards stands.

The company improved, reaching about 200 sales points scattered islandwide.

But after the Covid pandemic starting, Flavio had to diversify his products, creating a different style for the T-shirts, with particular designs and catchy logo printed on.

He found out Jamaica didn't have its own sportswear brand, due basically to the island's heavy dependence on import items.

Hence he came out with the idea of Bacco's, and thereafter the new company was named "Bacco's Made In Jamaica" due to the fact he is using only high quality local fabric, 100% cotton and polyester, as well as craft workshops in order to keep the production at higher standards.

To print his photographs on the fabric, two are the techniques used:

Digital Printing, best known as DTG (Direct-to-Garment) on the cotton shirts, and Sublimation, on the polyester ones.

Sublimation is a fusion of the 4 colors separations artwork deeply inside the fabric.

DTG is a direct digital printing on the fabric, without using middle ways as the heat transfer.

These procedures make colors more resistant to the washing, also due to the high quality of the fabric we are using.

Today, the author's collection is becoming more interesting, and, compared with the past one, it has an international appeal and a global impact.

But the new journey of Bacco's Made In Jamaica, has just begun.

BACCO'S MADE IN JAMAICA came from the vision of Flavio Bacchetta,


Black Child Matters design's title recalls the Black Lives Matter protests in USA.

The picture has been shot to the graffiti drawn on the wall of the Ceilândia favela in Brazil.

In this case we are referring to the issues still affecting black working class families worldwide, whose children in many cases are being left behind - compared to the white ones - concerning education and health coverages, as well as quality of life in general.

Inner city protests

The picture has been shot on the wall of Casal Bruciato, at the suburbs of Rome, Italy's capital city.

Basic services for citizens are scarce here, and often graffiti showing the residents protest.

Most of inner cities worldwide are suffering for the same issues.

The Woman In Blue

In the city of Setúbal, near to Lisboa, the capital of Portugal, Street Art is a must.

This statue made out of plaster, is representing the Female Lust.

It has been painted in blue, alluding to the blue movies.

This Pop Art work is exposed in the popular neighbourhood of Bento de Jesus Caraças.

White River, Saint Mary border, JAMAICA

White River is a fishermen village and a birds sanctuary placed on the border between the Parish of Saint Ann and Saint Mary.

Under the highway bridge, this community lives in harmony with nature, without harming the 26 species of endemic birds nesting here.

Bacco's, The Fisherman

The Fisherman uniform in the village of White River, Saint Mary, is unique in the world for its particular fabric and design originality

The Mermaid is an Utopia

UTOPIA is the title of the most impressive Graffiti at Bela Vista bairro in the city of Setúbal, Portugal, where Street Art is a cult.

The Graffiti is representing The Mermaid which lures the sailors to leave their boats and drown

The Old Man and The Sea

This graffiti showing on the street in Cascais, a seaside resort in Portugal near to Lisboa, is representing the masterpiece of Ernest Hemingway, the american novelist.

That's why we have chosen it to be part of our T-shirts collection.

The sea is the heart of Jamaica, always beating tirelessly

Little Girl Fighter

This design is representing the graffiti in the city of Setúbal, Portugal.

The artist, Smile1, has decorated with his work these house exterior walls in the Bela Vista bairro.

We have done the same on our shirts.

Deep Eyes

The deep eyes of a Jamaican woman are staring at You.

They might bewitch You, as well as our T-shirts would do.

Robin Bay, Saint Mary JAMAICA

This design is showing the Robin's Bay cliff, where are located the most secluded and beautiful beaches in the parish of Saint Mary.

No sign on the road: after you passed Port Maria, continue straight on direction to Annotto Bay, and once You see the sign of Strawberry Hills, turn left and continue until you reach the first beach.

The cliff is just a few yards from there. One of best jamaican landscapes.

Mona Lisa in Black

This is a "dark" version of The Mona Lisa's Smile, still resembling the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa, the famous Leonardo Da Vinci's painting exposed at Louvre museum.

Here, the photograph colors printed on a cotton black shirt, are mutated into the tones of Impressionism Art.

Push cart at Ochi Market

Despite technology has changed the soul of Jamaica too, some places like the Ocho Rios Market in downtown are still remaining as they were 60 years ago: old Lada cars are used for public transportation and the vendors still dragging along the streets their push-carts, selling fruits and vegetables.

The so-called progress is not welcome here

Emancipation Park Kingston, Jamaica

The park is in New Kingston, opened on 31 July 2002, the day before Emancipation Day.

The park is a commemoration of the end of slavery.

The bronze sculpture features a nude male and female figure gazing to the skies, as symbol of triumphant rise from the horrors of slavery.

The Mona Lisa's smile

Little Girl on Boxing Glove

White River, birds sanctuary and fishermen village. Saint Mary border

The Mermaid in Setúbal, Portugal

The Fisherman at White River, Jamaica

Inner-city Protests on Black 🖤

Black Mona Lisa